What Customer Are Saying About Blends by Orly

I ordered the Manhattan Blend and the Sydney Blend and started experimenting with recipes even doing side by side comparisons with our current gluten free flour. I was blown away by the results. The GF challah, which we used Orly’s recipe, came out amazing. Mouth feel, taste, texture - delicious! Then we moved on to quick breads, muffins and cakes. Same amazing results. Additionally, not only were the products that we made with Blends By Orly delicious, they were significantly better than the other brand of GF flour that we were previously using and which we up until that point thought were fine. We will continue to use Blends By Orly exclusively for all of our GF baking.
— Mordechai, Food and Beverage Dir, Isabella Freedman Center
I absolutely agree that a single cup for cup substitute just does not give those of us who maintain a gluten free lifestyle the tastes that we desire. Everything taste the same. I love that you offer different mixtures for different items.
— Sharon C, Blogger, Chicago IL
I heard about your fantastic products through a doctor chat room. As we treat many autistic children, I am always looking for gluten and casein free options for these children.
— Dr. Michael W, MD, Spokane WA
I was just diagnosed with Celiac and just found and tried your Tuscany blend which made me sing with joy that my culinary life wasn’t over.
— Verna R, Customer
We made brownies and the blueberry muffin recipe on the back of the Sydney Blend bag - absolutely fabulous.
— Dafna L, MSNBC Managing Editor, Digital
I just wanted to thank you for making my son’s birthday perfect! We have a tradition of having “waffle sundaes for breakfast and this year I used the Sydney Blend and I would put them any day against traditional waffles. Delicious!
— Tracy R, Customer, Phoenix AZ
Since my son is allergic to soy, I made the pizza dough using the Manhattan blend and my son actually loved it!!! It was such a relief when he ate it and didn’t complain that it was too crusty or too hard!!! Thanks again for all your help, your products are life changing!!!
— Hannah J, Customer, Brooklyn NY
Seriously, you have saved me becoming gluten free. Your flour is amazingly constructed. An easy 1 for 1 swap. Thank you!
— Mary D, Blogger, Willowbrook, IL
My 10 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 3 years ago and a year ago with celiac disease. I worked hard to make her special treats for special occasions. She had always loved my pies, but we were very disappointed with the results with the different gluten free flours I tried. That is until I found your Sydney Blend. I now am able to make her perfect pies! Making my granddaughter happy is so important to me! Thank you for coming up with your blends.
— Sarah S, Customer, New York NY
Blends by Orly Flour is the BEST flour blends brand that I’ve tried, since having to go Gluten Free. What I really love about it, is that they are each blended differently, depending on what you want to make, unlike some other GF flours that advertise that they are an all in one. I’ve had bad results with all purpose brands, resulting in poor taste and bad texture.

In addition to being a great tasting and easy to work with flour, their customer service is awesome!!! I’ve contacted them with questions, and they are extremely prompt and helpful. If you are gluten free, and love to bake or cook, I truly believe that these flours will become a staple in your home. Try it!!! You won’t be disappointed!
— Mandy S, Customer, Madisonville, LA
This is the most incredible GF flour I’ve ever tried. I’ll admit it, I’m in love.
— Katharine, Amazon customer
Thanks to Orly’s flours I can have my vegan GF cake and eat it too!!!!
— Abby F, Vegan and GF customer
I am an Allergy Chef at a sleep away camp and I took your gluten free blends to camp there with your delicious recipes that are on your website. I baked muffins, cookies, cakes and cupcakes and everything I made was delicious, The kids always wanted seconds and sometimes thirds but of course by then they were all finished.
— Anat Best, Allergy Chef
We are very happy with your Tuscany Blend Flour as it is easy to work with and results in a high quality end product. The students love all the gluten free creations we’ve made thanks to your blend. Keep up the good work. Thank you!
— Chef Clement, Pizza Chef
Thank you in advance for the best gluten free flour I have seen so far
— Chef Martin- Indias Tandoori Brentwood
This flour blend is amazing! I have tried to make deep dish GF pizza and could not get it quite right. This flour blend is perfect! The London blend also made the best GF cookies. I have told everyone I know that is GF about your flour blends. Thank you!
— Angela V, Customer
I’m over the moon that someone has taken the time to produce a gluten free flour that mimics gluten baking products. Orly thank you for your efforts.
— Anne C. Customer
Incredible. I have been a devoted king Arthur fan for years, but this new brand on the scene has changed my baking entirely. I make gf bread now and it reminds me of the bread I had as a kid when I still had gluten. Its soft and has great texture, great crumb. Doesn’t taste like xanthum gum or anything else bitter or off like you get with a lot of gf flour blends.
— Kat, Amazon Customer
After a 2 year struggle, I am now healthy enough to start trying to make and create beautiful treats with you blends. So far, I have made some delicious bread and actually sell it at our local farmers market!
— Shari B, Customer, Ontario Canada
Made the most amazing gluten free butter cookies. Thank you Orly! I am impressed by your flour! I just used your Sydney blend and love it! I am looking forward to try all the others
— Tal C, Caterer, Ithaca NY
Just started using your blends, found them in a store here in Chicago. I was SO happy to find a 1-for-1 flour that includes xantham gum!
— Laura P, Customer, Chicago IL
I just wanted to say that your Blends are amazing and they are giving me some serious hope that I will still be able to bake things that I will be able to eat and also share with my friends without them having to humor me and say it tastes good when it really tastes like cardboard. It also gives me hope that the baking challenges that I’ve wanted to tackle for a while (croquembouche, croissants, a cake that tastes better then a box mix, etc), but haven’t had time to may still be possible in a gluten free version. Keep up the great work!
— Erin J, Customer
Thank you again! My Manhattan blend has shipped, and I’m excited to get started! Please know how grateful we are that you’re enhancing the lives of celiacs. My grandson is 8, and recently diagnosed. We are just trying to make his world as normal and tasty as possible. Thank you for all you do!
— Ronna N, Caring Grandmother
I tried your London blend on a Food52 recipe of pecan chocolate chip cookies last night. They were amazing! Your flour is the closest tasting to wheat flour I’ve ever tried. My teenagers could not even taste the difference which I really saying something!
— Carolyn S, Customer
I have only been gluten-free for a few months, but so far the only good things I have made have been with your blends.
— Jennifer F, Customer
My challah looks great and made a lamington cake using the Sydney blend. My kids couldn’t taste the difference in the sponge. I used my regular recipe. Amazing!
— Michelle F, Customer, Melbourne Australia
It’s terrific what you have done for the gluten free world!!
— Stephanie K, Customer, Teaneck NJ
I recently had the opportunity to try your product and fell in LOVE. It is so nice to finally find a GF flour that actually works and doesn’t overpower the flavor of the item I am baking or cooking.
— Mackinzie W, Customer, Loveland, CO,
I had a friend come stay for the weekend last week and she has Celiac. I surprised her with a pancake breakfast that I made with the Sydney Blend. She literally cried while she ate them! She hadn’t had pancakes in many years and had basically thought it was something she would never be able to enjoy again. She said that these were better than she remembered wheat based pancakes being.
— Madeline M, Food Broker
I just recieved my order of Orly. I had ordered the flour once before and was extremely satisfied. As a gluten free person due to necessity, i have found new ways of eating that work. There were still however certain items that were either unavailble or awful in gluten free form. I would “cheat” on occasion to have things like ravioli, always paying the price. With the tuscany blend, i was easily able to make homemade ravioli. The dough had perfect chemistry to stay together (which would nnever happen with certain current flour options) and the resulting meal was so delicious it reminded me of my favorite Italian restaurant in New York.
I am excited to try other blends!
— Katie D. Amazon Customer
WE MADE YOUR GLUTEN FREE DONUT RECIPE AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!! My daughter was thrilled to make them and was thrilled to have homemade donuts all her own!
— Leah S, Customer
Thank you for making pizza time fun for the family. You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the fantastic wok and thank you.
— Patricia B. Customer